Introducing X-PRO The NEW brand in digital finishing

Flexa has announced the launch of its new brand XPRO. Dedicated to providing finishing solutions, designed to make the difference and provide constant reliable outputs of the highest standards.

XPRO is the new Flexa brand born after more than 20 years of experience of the Italian company in the field of the Digital Printing Finishing.
Designed for a target of medium and small professionals, who need to speed up their production process, XPRO offers smart solutions with excellent final results. Check out their website here

click here to see Brochure of the XPRO Heat calenders


data-sheet- ds170 dye-sublimation


XPRO offer a range of premium finishing solutions including: Heat calenders for Dye-sublimation.

Oil heated calenders designed for dye-sublimation transfer paper to fabric and for fixing the printed ink on fabric. click here to see the XPRO in action


XPR0 Laminators for visual communication.

Professional laminators to cold laminate, mount and encapsulate by using self adhesive materials. click here to see  Brochure data-sheet- LM160-laminator


XPRO Impulse welding machines.

Compact professional semiautomatic impulse welding machines to weld PVC banners or PVC coated meshes.

Click here to see Brochure data-sheet-xpro- WL100 welding machine

Click here to see the XPRO in action

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