Discover Mutoh’s dual device Print & Cut solutions. Enjoy the multiple benefits and comfort of Mutoh’s alternative print & cut approach: two machines working in perfect tandem as well as independently! Print sharper, cut faster, print and cut simultaneously. Click the link to watch video MUTOH PRINT & CUT

Mutoh’s printer and cutter combo solutions will offer you the highest level of flexibility for your print, cut and print-to-cut applications. Print and cut simultaneously, print faster on the widest variety of substrates, cut faster, cut heavier and stiffer substrates, cut longer runs with the highest accuracy, cut full preprinted rolls without user intervention… You can combine any ValueJet printer with any of our cutting plotters.  Doesn’t that sound convenient to you?

For print-to-cut applications, our print & cut combos will offer you an automated workflow, controlled from one single production software. We offer Mutoh Edition software solutions developed with both Onyx Graphics and SAi.

Our ValueJet printers – available in widths from 63 cm to 260 cm (24” – 102”) – offer you unrivaled quality and reliability, both for high-quality jobs for close viewing distances and for speed production of indoor and outdoor signs.

Our cutting plotters – available in widths from 77 cm to 190 cm (30” – 75”) – are fit for vinyl cutting as well as for contour-cut and through-cut applications.  They all integrate a laser sensor which will recognize registration marks on preprinted graphics.   This way, the cutter will know perfectly in which area it will have to do contour-cutting or through-cutting.  With our Lite 140, Advanced 160 and Premium 160 cutters, manual intervention can moreover be fully eliminated thanks to integrated barcode reading, offering a truly foolproof print-to-cut workflow.


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