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That’s easy. Because experience matters! Mutoh is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality wide format piezo drop on demand inkjet printers and sign cutting plotters, setting the standard for innovation, quality, excellent customer service and local presence. Innovation and craftsmanship are at the heart of all our products. Mutoh was the pioneer in eco solvent back in 2002, revolutionizing the outdoor sign & display market. We also developed innovative printing techniques such as our Intelligent Interweaving (i²) technology which prevents banding and facilitates a smooth workflow with best possible print results.  We know piezo inkjet technology inside out.

Quality is the thread that runs through every Mutoh product. We know that our customers’ business depends on the reliability of our equipment. Quality is integrated into every step of our production process in accordance with our ISO 9001 certified comprehensive quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management policy. All Mutoh products are compliant with the most stringent EU directives with regards to environment, occupational health and safety for equipment owners and operators.

We have been in business since 1953, starting with high end drafting machines, moving to pen/pencil plotter technology and cutting plotters. We have been active in the wide-format printer industry for more than 20 years. In Europe alone, more than 20000 wide-format Mutoh printers and more than 25000 Mutoh cutting plotters have been installed.

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Mips Technologies are the master distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa for Mutoh Europe. Mips Technologies have been providers of large format printing solutions for over 25 years. The company was founded by and still run by the Carstens family, and that family mindset of unity, compassion and teamwork are deeply embedded into every facet of our business.

Mips Technologies mission is to provide premium wide- format printing solutions to the signage and visual communications industries in Sub-Saharan Africa, whilst servicing customers with unrivaled support and respect. Our vision is to continue to provide superior performance-based printing technologies that provide our customers with a competitive edge, with products and innovations proven to be faster, more reliable, more cost effective with unrivaled print quality. We aim to expand our presence through establishing a network of trusted dealers throughout Africa and impart our knowledge and expertise onto all of our customers and partners, and work closely with them to help reach new heights of success for our entire family. Continue reading “About”

Solvent Printers: Sign & Display


Mutoh Eco Ultra and UMS wide-format printers – available in widths from 630 mm (24”) up to 2600 mm (102”) – produce high quality graphics for outdoor and indoor applications, for a wide variety of applications :  posters, banners, backlit signage, decals, wall coverings, point-of-sale displays, fine art, stickers, and much more. Click here to watch Mutoh’s Print & Cut solution

 MUTOH’s complete range of solvent printers:

ValueJet 628

vj628x(1)The VJ-628 is Mutoh’s smallest sign & display printer offering a great potential to startup businesses, small sign makers, department stores and quick print providers. Offering a media width of 630 mm (24”), the compact, user-friendly & cost-effective ValueJet 628 has been developed for a wide array of applications ranging from in-store printing, commercial print, signage and print-to-cut jobs.

Equipped with a latest generation micro piezo print head, this 8 channel desktop printer delivers high quality prints for indoor & outdoor applications.The ValueJet 628 utilises Mutoh Eco Ultra inks, making it suitable for installation in any working environment. Mutoh’s innovative i² Intelligent Interweaving printing technology produces impeccable prints every time. Watch the ValueJet 628 product video

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Sublimation Printers: Indoor & Digital Transfer

Natural Body Scrub150ml _ 5.07oz(2)

Expand your business beyond vinyl and banner printing by adding soft signage production to your portfolio. Explore new revenue opportunities such as high quality in-store textile decoration and displays, textile banners, pop-ups, gazebo’s, flags, sportswear, personalized home decoration, gadgets, shirts and much more.

The Mutoh printer range for water-based inks – available in widths from 1080 mm (42”) up to 2600 mm (102,36”) is targeted at businesses focusing on the production of high-quality graphics on textiles for indoor and short term outdoor use. Using Mutoh’s water-based dye sublimation inks and easily available & affordable uncoated recyclable polyester-based materials means there is no need for forced ventilation, as the inks are free from harmful VOCs and hazardous components. Print Smarter,Print Faster, Print Sharper, Print MUTOH

MUTOH’s complete range of Dye Sublimation Printers:

DrafStation RJ 900 XG

draft station


The compact Mutoh DrafStation RJ-900XG is a 42″ (1080mm) printer, ideal for every day sublimation printing. The printer is fit for both startup and established businesses wanting to extend their product portfolio. The RJ900XG  gives you a high-quality professional printer at an exceptionally affordable price point whilst providing unrivaled print speeds and quality.

Mutoh DrafStation RJ-900XG prints on typical > 95 g/m² dye sublimation transfer papers, making transfer onto all possible flexible and rigid polyester materials possible. The RJ900XG produces colours that bright and vibrant with outputs that are durable & washable without affecting the handling and feel of the material.

Typical dye sublimation applications are:

  • Soft signage & graphics for events, tradeshows, …
  • Home decoration
  • Flags & pennants
  • Sports goods : snowboards, helmets, …
  • Gadgets : mugs, umbrellas, iPods, mouse mats, …
  • Apparel : blouses, sportswear, outdoor jackets, T-shirts, Textiles, …

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UV Printers: Speciality/ Industrial


Mutoh UV-LED inks contain 0% VOC – non-HAP – no outgassing of prints. Mutoh LED-UV technology provides you all state-of-the-art health & safety and environmental benefits: no ozone generation, free of mercury and lead, and no forced ventilation required.

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MUTOH’s complete range of UV Printers:


XpertJet 461UF & 661UF

banner-578x465_Tekengebied 1.jpg

The XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF printers will respond to the increasing demand for added value personalised prints and bespoke small-lot production of commercial and industrial print applications. Typical applications encompass prints on phone covers, personalised gifts, photo products, promotional items such as pens, lighters & USB sticks, souvenirs, awards, small signs, small series production or prototyping of packaging samples, decorative tiles, etc…

Both printers can be setup in either CMYK or in CMYK + White + Varnish configuration and are suited for direct printing onto a wide variety of materials including three dimensional objects up to 15 cm thick. Printing on dark coloured or clear substrates is also possible thanks to the use of white inks. Special added value finishing like spotvarnish or even stunning special effects such as special structures or embossing are possible thanks to dedicated varnish inks.



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ValueJet 426UF

vj 426uh

The VJ-426UF  is one of Mutoh’s EDP award winning “multipurpose object printer”

The ValueJet VJ-426UF is a compact A3+ flatbed 6-colour LED UV printer with integrated vacuum table. Offering a print table area of 483 mm (19”) x 329 mm (13”), the VJ-426UF enables direct printing onto objects up to 70 mm thick. The printer will deliver exceptional print quality on a wide variety of solid materials and objects including ABS, Alu-board, PC, PE, PET, PMMA (acrylic), PP, PS, PVC and glass. Click here to watch the VJ426UF product video

An energy-efficient latest generation LED UV lamp ensures ultra-sharp, safe & ready to use prints. Its reduced working temperatures also allow printing onto heat sensitive substrates. Integrated with Mutoh’s pioneering Intelligent Interweaving print technology (i²) – Dedicated “UV-weaving” banding is virtually eliminated allowing for effortless & consistent ultra sharp printing.

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